Test drive tips when buying a car

When you are buying a used car it is always essential that you do a test drive. This way you can determine if you like the drive and the way the car is handling. At The Carstore in Wales we welcome you to come and book a test drive for all our vehicles. Feel free to have a look at all our affordable used vehicles and call our expert team on 01792 899844 to book a test drive!

A test drive when you want to buy a new car can be a very exciting experience but can also be overwhelming. Our expert team at The Carstore gives you some tips what to look for when test driving a car you want to buy.

Firstly you should check how the vehicle handles. Make sure to check it on various sort of roads so you can experience how the vehicle accelerates, turns corners and breaks. Good and tight steering is important on a vehicle. Make sure to check this during a test drive. This is also a good way to check if the vehicle has got the required levels of comfort for you.

But a test drive also gives you an opportunity to establish if there is enough head and leg room in the vehicle. If you take members of your family you can also check if this is the case in the passenger seat and rear seats. Further more make sure to check if you like the way the controls and other dashboard features are easy to use.

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Ford S-Max Review

The Ford S-Max is a very nice family car. It is an example of refinement, it is spacious and even seven seats if you want. It comes highly recommended for small and large families.

The S-Max from Ford is a sporty version of the Ford Galaxy. But you must take that sporting predicate with a grain of salt. The S-Max has a more streamlined appearance than the Galaxy. For the rest the S-Max is especially very comfortable and just as multi-functional as its the Ford Galaxy.
The S-Max is available with a 1.5 liter petrol engine for 160 hp. There is also a more powerful two-liter petrol engine that generates 240 horsepower. Do you prefer a diesel engine then there is a choice of a two-liter power source that delivers 150, 180 or 210 hp. There are two levels of equipment: Trend and Titanium. The Trend is the basic version and it is very well equipped. The Ford S-Max Trend comes with  ESP and traction control, automatic air conditioning, key-less start and cornering lights. The Titanium comes with extras including traffic sign recognition, cruise control, lane assistance, a rain sensor and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Ford is known for its good chassis and the S-Max is no exception. The S-Max drives very comfortably. Large and small bumps are beautifully filtered out. The control also deserves praise. It is beautiful directly and precisely. You can also turn the corner at a hefty speed without the car hanging on one ear. What is more striking is how quiet the S-Max is. Also at high speed on the motorway you can whisper to each other. The standard start-stop system already deserves praise. It works very fast and unnoticed.

Indoor space is the great asset of the Ford S-Max. Whether you sit in the front, or on the second or third row of seats, there is always more than enough space for the head, legs and feet. There is also no shortage of storage options.
Good ergonomics are visible behind the wheel. There is a handy touch screen on which you serve many functions. From the navigation to the radio, the telephone and the air conditioning. The heater control also has conventional push buttons so that you  for example can quickly turn the seat heating up or down.

Summarising the Ford S-Max is an excellent family car. At the Carstore in Swansea we have Ford S-Max used cars for sale at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us on 01792 899844.

Ford S-Max Review

Car safety checks before summer holidays

The weather might not always show signs of summer but summer is approaching and many people will use their car to travel to their holiday destination in the UK or abroad. The last thing you want on your holiday is your car to break down. Make sure you are travelling prepared. The Carstore has made a checklist for you before you travel and to keep you safe on the road!

Check your tyre tread

Always check your tyres before travelling. Make sure you have enough tread on your tyres. The legal tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm however checks have revealed that once tyre thread is below 3mm stopping distances increase dramatically. Not only can insufficient tyre thread increase stopping distance it is also dangerous when it is raining as it can cause the car to slip.

Check your tyre pressure

If the tyre pressure is too low the fuel consumption of the car will increase and of course you do not want that! The correct tyre pressure can be found in the service booklet of your car. At every service station you can adjust your tyre pressure. Also be aware of the safety aspect as your car will handle better when your tyres have the correct pressure.

Check your oil level

People often forget but it is important to check the oil level of your car. Every engine without oil will surely break down! This is not only inconvenient but also very expensive to repair. Be sure to check your oil level before going on holiday.

Tip: only check the oil level when the engine has stopped (or leave it off for at least 15 minutes). Remove the dipstick from the engine, remove the remaining oil from the dipstick with a cloth and put it back into the engine. After you remove the dipstick from the engine, the oil level is easy to read. Too little oil is bad but too much oil can also cause an engine breakdown. So keep the oil level between the minimum and maximum (see dipstick).

Check coolant fluid level

The coolant is in a closed system and will not run out quickly. However it can cause your car to break down if a car has too little coolant. Heat from the engine can not be moved to the radiator causing the engine to become too hot. You end up with a car that does not want to go any further. A simple check if sufficient coolant is still available is sufficient. If too low add some coolant!

Tip: use actual coolant and no water. This is better for your engine and is suitable for higher and lower temperatures. Never fill coolant after a car trip. The reservoir is then pressurized by the higher temperature and will shoot up when the cap is loosened. You will not be the first person with bad burns as a result! So let the car cool down, or better, fill in the morning before the car is used.

Check screen wash fluid level

In the summer flies and other insects will be stuck on your windscreen. It is important that you can clean your windows whilst driving so always make sure there is enough screen wash fluid in the reservoir.

Tip: always buy mixed screen wash fluid and no concentrated agent. If you unexpectedly want to refill windscreen washer fluid along the side of the road water is not always available. Taking extra mixed screen wash fluid is is advisable.

Check your service history

Before setting off on a big journey always check when your car was serviced last. If the last service was a while back always take your car to a garage for a service check before you go travelling.

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How to get your car ready for spring

Even though we just had a visit from ‘The Beast from the East’ with lots of snow and disruption it is already spring. The weather will get better slowly and the sun will be out more often. This is the moment to get your car ready for spring. Give your car a good spring clean and have a couple of things checked by a garage. The Carstore gives you an overview below what needs to be done. You can do part yourself and the other part is best to have done by a garage. All our used cars for sale come fully inspected and warranted with HPI and AA History checks.

Get rid of road grid salt and dirt

Road grit and dirt have a detrimental effect on the paint of your car but also on your car body. In addition, frost and snow ensure that your car is affected even further. So make sure you remove all grid and salt remains from your car with a high pressure washer. Do not forget to clean the wheel arches because a lot of dirt will accumulate there. After that go to a car wash with a bottom car washer to ensure all the dirt is removed from the bottom of your car as well. Not weather related but whilst your doing the cleaning of your car it is a good idea to clean the interior of your car to make it look and feel all fresh again.

Windscreen wipers and tires

The winter damp and frost can cause the rubber of your windscreen wipers to crack. As it normally rains a lot in Wales it is important to check your windscreen wipers and replace them if the rubber has cracked. Also make sure you check your tires and brakes. If you have winter tires fitted under your car it is important to have them replaced with summer tires.

Wheel aligning

The cold weather always causes a lot of pot holes to appear. Driving through these can cause your wheel alignment to be slightly off. This can cause your tires to wear more quickly. Therefor visit your local garage and let them check your wheel alignment and align them straight if required.

Need a new car?

At The Carstore we have a great range of affordable used cars for sale. We have a great selection of quality used vehicles for sale at affordable prices. All used cars we sell come fully inspected and warranted with HPI and AA History checks. We also offer a FREE 12 Months AA roadside assistance or if you are an existing AA customer a FREE upgrade.We are now pleased to be able to offer you Warrantywise warranties with our used vehicles for your peace of mind. Call us today on 01792 899844.

Used Ford KA Review

The Ford KA is a small and low on petrol usage car. Ford have used the framework from the Fiat 500 and the Fiat 500 for the Ford KA. Ford designers have then designed the KA model on this framework. The Ford KA was introduced to the public in 1996 and has since seen a second generation of Ford KA (2008) and more recently in 2014 a third generation. The Ford KA has turned out be be a huge commercial success and due to the large amount of used Ford KA on the market they can be bought for a fair price. Make sure to check out our used ford cars for sale or contact us.

Ford KA Design

The Ford KA has a nice well thought through design. The design makes it look like the back of the car is lifted to a higher level. The body of the car has a good finishing touch. The interior also looks good especially for a car this price range. The layout of the dashboard is similar to the Fiat 500 with a high middle console. The instruments on the dashboard are well displayed and also included is an extended on-board computer which works very accurate.

The engine is a Fiat motor and most Ford KA models have a 1.2-liter four cylinder engine with 69 horsepower. It is not a very powerful engine but is well suited for this size of car. The steering is comfortable and the suspension takes care of a smooth ride.

The Ford KA comes with a good set of chairs. The leg room in the front is good. With tall people in the front the leg room in the back can be limited but still sufficient.

Ford KA Conclusion

The Ford KA is an excellent small little car for social use and commuting. It is low on tax and is running cheap on petrol. Ideal for a first car or as a small family car. At The Carstore we always have a collection of used Ford cars for sale including Ford KA. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

How to take care of tyres and wheels

In summer or winter it is important to take care of your tyres and wheels. If your tyres are in good condition you will be driving safely whatever the weather conditions. In this article Carstore Wales will give you some tips how to look after your tyres and wheels. When you do buy a car from us we will always ensure all tyres and wheels are in excellent condition. Check out our latest range of used cars for sale.

Check your tyre pressure every month

Having the correct tyre pressure ensures that you have maximum grip on the road and it reduces the risk of losing control of your vehicle. Tyre pressure will drop in small amounts due to natural escape of air. Check the pressure of your tyres, including the spare, monthly and also before any long journey. Doing this will increase the life of your tyres and saves you money and it will also increase the performance of your car. Having the correct tyre pressure will also save you fuel. You can find the recommended tyre pressure in the user manual of your vehicle, on a label on the door or door frame of your car or on the inside of the fuel tab.

Make sure your tyres are legal and safe

The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. Always make sure you check the tread on your tires regularly. When tires need changing go to your local garage to replace these and also ask if they can do a check if your wheels need tracking. This wheel alignment or tracking is the process to ensure the wheels of your vehicle are set to its optimum position as per the car manufacturer specifications. If your wheels are not aligned correctly this can cause tyre wear and it also affects the handling of your car.

Remove break dust from your wheels

Break dust is being produced when the break disc and brake pads are rubbing against each other. This break dust contains metal filings, carbon fibers and is acid. It can therefor damage your alloy rims and cause corrosion. It makes your expensive alloys look old and dirty but it also slowly damages the structure of the wheel hence compromising your safety.

In order to prevent this make sure you have a regular weekly cleaning routine.

  1. Always make sure your wheels are cold. With a hose wash off the loose dirt.
  2. If your wheels are very dirty scrub them first with a soft brush.
  3. Preferably using a microfibre mitt wash the wheels and tyres with a shampoo removing all the break dust. If you do not do this on a weekly basis the break dust will be more difficult to remove.
  4. Rinse your wheels with water removing all shampoo and loose break dust.
  5. Wash the wheel arches and rinse off again.
  6. Use a soft towel to dry the wheels.
  7. Preferably add a wheel sealant to protect the surface of your rims. This will protect against corrosion and will also make it easier to remove break dust the week after.

If your tyres need replacing or if you require any repairs relating to your wheels or tyres please do not hesitate to contact us on 01792 899844.


Buying a used car is much cheaper than buying a new car. On average a new car will lose around 40% of its value in the first year! Also post 2017 road tax is generally more expensive and a new car can cost more to insure due to its higher value. There are however some things to think about when buying a used car. We have outlined a few tips in this article when you are buying a used car. Here at The Carstore all cars come with the AA Dealer Promise for your peace of mind.

Make a budget

It sounds obvious but make a complete budget on what you can spend. Not only for the purchase price but also insurance and car tax. Consider taking out car finance if you cannot afford to pay the whole price upon purchase. Always check out some quotes for the insurance so you know how much you will be paying per month or per year. Also check how much road tax you will be paying for the car you are interested in. Do not forget breakdown cover. All of our cars come with 12 months free AA breakdown cover. This way you will know exactly what you will be paying monthly.

Inspect the car and book a test drive

When buying a car it is always important to view the car in daylight, also preferably when it is dry as it is harder to spot any damage on a car when it is wet. Also always take the car for a test drive. As part of the AA Dealer Promise we always offer a test drive to ensure the car is right for you.

Check the car’s paperwork is complete

Every car you buy should come with all the essential paperwork like V5 registration document, MOT certificate and any available service records. At the Carstore Wales we always ensure we hand over all the essential paperwork to you. We also ensure every car we sell has a minimum of 6 month MOT and we provide a free history check on every vehicle.

As you can see we check all the boxes to make sure you will buy a quality used car from us. Also for extra peace of mind we also offer 12 months free AA breakdown cover with every car.

Please check out all of our used vehicles in stock or give us a ring on 01792 899844.

The Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus are two incredibly popular Ford cars. They are both one of the most sold vehicles in the UK. However they have a lot of similarities. They both look the same on the outside as well on the inside. Which of these two cars is the right one for you?

About the Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the best sold car in the UK. It has been made by Ford since 1976. In 2010 the sixth (!) generation of Ford Fiesta was introduced. It is a very comfortable car with excellent performance and driving dynamics.

The Ford Fiesta has a very good MPG and is generally low on road tax. Also the servicing and parts costs are low. It is an ideal car if you have a limited budget. However the storage is limited on the Ford Fiesta. So if you have a family this might not be the car for you.

Also the resale value is limited due to the amount of Ford Fiesta on the market. This also means that there is always a bargain out there to be found.

Check out our range of used quality Ford Fiesta cars on sale.

About the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus was introduced as the replacement of the very popular Ford Escort in 1998. It is also referred to as the bigger version of the Ford Fiesta. Like the Ford Fiesta it has excellent driving dynamics and comfort.

The Ford Focus has a lot of space and is an ideal family car. Not only does the car feel spacious it also has plenty of storage capacity in the boot. The car has a sporty look and feel to match the performance. It is also very reliable and good value for money.

Check out our range of used quality Ford Focus cars on sale.

Fod Focus vs Ford Fiesta

Which Ford car is the best for you?

The Ford Fiesta is probably the best when you have a limited budget and you require less storage space. The Ford Focus will be your match when you have a family and looking for an excellent driving performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us on 01792 899844 if you need more advice or check our complete range of used cars for sale or our used Ford cars for sale.

Used car dealer in Swansea with Great Service

I bought a great little car from Carstore. The guys are great to deal with, very helpful and polite. Their after sales service is great too. Thanks Steve and Pete.

Sandra Walters