How to take care of tyres and wheels

Take care of your car tyres and wheels

How to take care of tyres and wheels

In summer or winter it is important to take care of your tyres and wheels. If your tyres are in good condition you will be driving safely whatever the weather conditions. In this article Carstore Wales will give you some tips how to look after your tyres and wheels. When you do buy a car from us we will always ensure all tyres and wheels are in excellent condition. Check out our latest range of used cars for sale.

Check your tyre pressure every month

Having the correct tyre pressure ensures that you have maximum grip on the road and it reduces the risk of losing control of your vehicle. Tyre pressure will drop in small amounts due to natural escape of air. Check the pressure of your tyres, including the spare, monthly and also before any long journey. Doing this will increase the life of your tyres and saves you money and it will also increase the performance of your car. Having the correct tyre pressure will also save you fuel. You can find the recommended tyre pressure in the user manual of your vehicle, on a label on the door or door frame of your car or on the inside of the fuel tab.

Make sure your tyres are legal and safe

The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6 mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. Always make sure you check the tread on your tires regularly. When tires need changing go to your local garage to replace these and also ask if they can do a check if your wheels need tracking. This wheel alignment or tracking is the process to ensure the wheels of your vehicle are set to its optimum position as per the car manufacturer specifications. If your wheels are not aligned correctly this can cause tyre wear and it also affects the handling of your car.

Remove break dust from your wheels

Break dust is being produced when the break disc and brake pads are rubbing against each other. This break dust contains metal filings, carbon fibers and is acid. It can therefor damage your alloy rims and cause corrosion. It makes your expensive alloys look old and dirty but it also slowly damages the structure of the wheel hence compromising your safety.

In order to prevent this make sure you have a regular weekly cleaning routine.

  1. Always make sure your wheels are cold. With a hose wash off the loose dirt.
  2. If your wheels are very dirty scrub them first with a soft brush.
  3. Preferably using a microfibre mitt wash the wheels and tyres with a shampoo removing all the break dust. If you do not do this on a weekly basis the break dust will be more difficult to remove.
  4. Rinse your wheels with water removing all shampoo and loose break dust.
  5. Wash the wheel arches and rinse off again.
  6. Use a soft towel to dry the wheels.
  7. Preferably add a wheel sealant to protect the surface of your rims. This will protect against corrosion and will also make it easier to remove break dust the week after.

If your tyres need replacing or if you require any repairs relating to your wheels or tyres please do not hesitate to contact us on 01792 899844.